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We are based in Evergreen, Colorado just 20 min west of Denver.   We plan and supply lighting, poles, electrical components and hardware for projects all over the world.... even Canada (you always ask).

Experience and Knowledge

If you're visiting this page in order to learn more about, here's some brief info about us. was born out of a desire for a narrower focus on customers and their projects.  

- We are a small lighting distributor with lighting experts (also part time athletes and tennis players) on staff.
- We work directly with manufacturers not through distribution.

- We are not a massive ecommerce company who will sell any item we can get our hands on.  For example, you will never find a 700 series lamp on our site.

Your project might be easy, requiring simple lamps or fixtures and maybe you don't need any help.  But maybe your project is more complicated, and you have a question about which item to use.  That's why we're here.  We don't want to sell you something you don't need or that isn't cost effective.  We only want to sell superior products at outstanding prices.  

Quality Products.

We carefully select the lighting manufacturers we work with.  We double check specifications and certifications to ensure that we are selling only the highest quality light fixtures and components.  We do not work with manufacturers that are known to mislead on specifications, have high failure rates or are known to miss or delay deliveries.  Additionally we look for high rates of quality control, and timely responsiveness when issues arise.  We have come across 'manufacturers' (overseas and American) with fradulent specs and certifications and have also turned down the opportunity to work with some companies because of their known poor performance.

We know that our reputation depends on exceeding your expectations.  And our reputation is of the highest importance to us.

Reviews & Ratings

Presently we do not participate in any customer review or rating system.  While many of our competitors do participate, if you look closely at their reviews you will find many of those reviews were obtained immediately following purchase and before the product shipped.  We view that as misleading information.  Additionally it's very difficult to differentiate a company which has a 4.6 rating versus one that has a 4.4 rating.  A recent search of a popular item showed all companies with ratings of 4 or higher.  If you're reading this and you're concerned that maybe we're hiding from negative ratings, our promise to you is we will exceed your expectations.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have prior to ordering.


We want your project to go smoothly, with no failures and no returns.   We have an integrated help desk system which tracks all issues.  Our biggest difference, if you call, text or email you will talk to the same person everytime who will help you figure out the problem.  And you will have a direct contact number, no robots or phone trees.

Thank you for visiting our online store.  You can visit us in person by coming to 

EA Lighting & Design
3735 Evergreen Pkwy
Evergreen, CO 80439

Our phone: 303-648-4084

part of Evergreen Applied Technologies Inc.




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