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Most of the items on our lighting store are set at a list price by the manufacturer.   We quote many projects and products at discounted rates everyday.   Upon writing this, just last week a quote was requested for 2 light bulbs and the customer received 10% off on his order.   That's 5% better than if you did a search for the coupon code and found it.  

If you are brave enough to request a quote, we usually will have the quote completed with a custom price and sent back to your email in less than 15 minutes.   Our average time to complete a quote is less than 10 minutes.   There are no standard tiers or set quote rates.  We only ask for your name, email, company name (not required), and phone.   There's also a comments section for you to ask questions or make comments along with the request.   And don't worry, we don't spam email or give out your info to anybody.   Quote requests are used for quotes only.

To Create A Quote:

  1. Find the item you wish to have quoted and select the quantity.
  2. Click the 'Add To Quote' Button, next to the add to cart button.
  3. On the next page you can either click continue shopping to add more items to the quote or fill in the information in the boxes.
  4. Click submit
  5. Once submitted your quote automatically creates an account in our system.   If you already have an account, the email entered ties that quote to your account.  
  6. Your quote will be emailed back to you.   It does not automatically appear in the cart.   You have to be logged in to view the custom price on our store.  
  7. You can accept the quote either online, or you can simply call us to place the order.

How to access, view and purchase the quote within the store:

  1. Log into your account.   An account was created for you when the quote was made either on the front end requested by you or on the back end, created by us.  An email with a password was sent to the email submitted.  Don't know your password click here.
  2. Once logged into your account, on the left hand side is a section called my quotes. Click this area.
  3. You may have more than one quote depending on the complexity of your request.   Choose the relevant quote. 
  4. If the price is agreeable, you can choose accept quote.   This will add the items to your shopping cart at the private discounted rate that only you can see.
  5. Click your shopping cart and checkout as normal.

You are under no obligation to accept the quote.   While we always try to put our best possible number on the quoted rate, the quote may not work for you.  You may cancel or reject the quote or do nothing and let the quote expire.   You can also resubmit the same quote or similar quote.  Quotes stay active for 60 days but we're pretty flexible on this.

Key Factors: 

1.  Quantity - We buy directly from manufacturers and leverage high quantities.   Be advised if you are window shopping and ask for quantity of 100 or 1000, we do not take this seriously unless you call.
2.  Who you are - Yeah it matters.  If you took the time to make a quote, you're already one step ahead.  Repeat customers are always appreciated.  New customers have to start somewhere and you're in the right place.   We'll make it worthwhile.
3.  What the item is.   Some items are extremely difficult to ship such as lighting poles so we have to be careful on the rates.

All quotes are confidential.   Please note that we aim to protect our customers (and their customers).   So if you are a contractor like many quote requesters, and are marking up the item for resale, we understand and will keep it between you and us only.

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