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Choosing a light source color is important to the overall look or style of the project.   While most people are becoming more familiar with this, you may want a quick overview so a brief description is below.   This is not an absolute as many times people can go against the trend.  Here's a few examples of projects we completed that were the opposite of the norm.  

  • A residential kitchen in the style of a commercial kitchen project used 5000k lightbars.
  • Office environment that used 3500k overhead lights and 2700k desk lamps instead of 4100k.
  • Printing production facility that initially used 6500k lamps and then switched to 4100k lamps as the workers felt the 6500 was overpowering.
  • Landscaping project that used 2200k instead of 3000k lamps in turtle restricted area.  

Typical Applications for Kelvin Temperatures

2300k Amber - Vintage Lamps, Turtle Friendly Applications (We have turtle friendly LEDs)
2700k Warm white - Residential Homes
3000k Warm white - Residential Homes
3500k Warm white - Modern Design Residential Homes, Office, Retail, Commercial
4000k Neutral white, Commercial, Office, Retail
5000k Cool white - Commercial, Retail, Industrial
6500k daylight - Industrial, Commercial
7000k blue (Color of sky)

The picture below is from the government Lighting Facts program.  You'll notice that it does not include below 2700k or above 6500k.  That's because 99.9% of lights sold presently fall within this range.

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