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Many of our fixtures feature LED beam optics which allow the distribution pattern of the light to be modified.   Choosing the right pattern will more effectively illuminate the targeted area.   If you're unsure which one to choose we can create help determine what might be best.   If the project is more complex involving a larger number of fixtures requiring more than one type we can also provide a layout for you.  Just contact us.

A couple of examples:

  • Pole Light fixtures on the perimeter of a parking lot would benefit from Type 4 or forward throw to direct light inward to the lot
  • Pole light fixtures in the median of a parking lot would benefit from Type 5 to cast and even distribution all around 

Here are the 3 basic light distribution patterns we use.

Type 3 - Wide or Batwing
Type 3

Type 4 - Forward Throw

Type 4

Type 5 - Rectangular or Square

Type 5

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