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Tips For Searching

  1. Use the part number only.  For example "15A21DLED27" instead of "Maxlite 15A21DLED27"
  2. Searches by only manufacturer name are flagged and automatically redirected to the 404 not found page so try searching for a specific item instead.   If you're a competing manufacturer or competitor, you have violated our Terms & Conditions and we kindly ask that you exit the site now.
  3. Some items from quotes are only visible within the quote and are not searchable, contact us if you need more info on an item or a spec sheet.   Note the quoted rate only appears within the quote.  It will not be visible on the site, but instead only in your quote and if you should decide to purcahse, then your cart.
  4. Product variations likely exist, but are not always posted.   Some products have over a 1000 variations so we only post the most popular or post the parent item.   For example a fixture may have color options and mounting options which effect the part number, so try searching the unique name of the item.   For example instead of searching for Maxlite QuadroMax QM3AU7T340CPB, just search quadro and you'll find the parent item right away.
  5. Try searching unique words, the term LED yields thousands of results, so try to be specific such as Miniature Ba15s 6w
  6. Still not sure how to find it - Contact Us at 303-648-4084 or send an email to
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