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Terms and Conditions

A Brief Explanation Of The Terms

*These weren't written or approved by a lawyer so you may enjoy reading them.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Times and Back Orders
We work as hard as we can, as fast as we can.  Orders received before 12 pm will be processed on the same business day.  Orders received after 12 pm will be processed on the following business day.  Project demand and volume may cause these time lines to vary.

Back Order Vs Build Order Vs Small Order & Lead Times
Some orders come from our inventory, some drop ship directly from the manufacturer, and others don't exist until you order.  Lead times vary widely on products depending on the complexity, popularity and availability.  You will be notified with a lead time via email within one to two business days.  If a firm date is not available you will be notified as to what the issue is and will be given the option to continue with the order or be given a full refund.  

Back Orders occur when a normally in stock item is not available.  Our lead times posted online are there for guidance and are generally pretty accurate.  However back orders sometimes happen for lighting products due to heavy demand and limited production cycles.  Often times back orders are very short in nature.  If your item has been placed on back order you will be notified by email and given the option to wait for the item to become available to fulfill your order or be refunded.  To hold a back order in place, you will have made a payment for the item, your credit card is charged and you should have a confirmation of your purchase.  A back order holds your place in line, without payment, your place in line will not be held.   It is not possible to hold your place in line or hold an item for you without payment.  If you are in a time crunch or are concerned about the possibility of a back order, feel free to contact us for specific product availability.  We usually know the exact time frame or can acquire the information quickly.

Build Orders also known as custom orders have a firm build date as they either require construction of the item or modification of a new or  existing item such as mounting, painting, louvers, accessories, drilling as main examples.  Large build orders may take longer than usual, however you will still be given a firm delivery date.  Generally these fixtures are not returnable.
Small Orders
A recent change in one of our manufacturers policies makes it necessary for us to ship directly from our inventory.  We stock a large number of lamps and do ship directly to the end user.  However in some cases we must first acquire the item from the manufacturer which normally takes about a week, then the item will be shipped.   If you are concerned that your order may take too long because of this, we advise you to first check with us so we can verify stock and advise on a realistic lead time.   If your order is just a few lamps, it is likely considered a small order.

Damaged Shipments
Please do not sign for a damaged shipment.  If you do so and later discover that the shipment is partially damaged, you will not be eligible for refund or a replacement.  As lame as this sounds, the only winner is the freight company.  They have allowances and insurance for damage, but once the shipment is signed for the ability to recoup funds for the damage is no longer possible.

Change Of Address After Shipment
Oh no! You made a mistake.  If the delivery address needs to be changed after the products have already shipped, you may be assessed an address change fee.  This is at the discretion of the shipping entity.  Even if your order qualified for free shipping, you will still be responsible for this charge.  Address changes made before the product has shipped are not a problem and will not incur any charge.  

Freight Deliveries
It is the responsibility of the receiver to be able to receive a freight shipment.  Often times freight shipments are large, either single or double pallets and weigh hundreds of pounds.  Please ensure that your project site is capable of receiving large or heavy shipments.  If any delay results from delivery, usually freight companies charge a holding fee.  This fee will be assessed to you if such a delay arises.   Example - we once shipped 20 - 400+ pound poles to a car dealership who didn't have a way to unload the items from a flatbed truck.  Don't be that guy.

2nd Day Air & Overnight
You're in a major jam!  We want to help you, maybe.  We do not allow the option of either 2nd Day Air or Overnight Delivery although it is available for some items.  Most manufacturers have a difficult time meeting this timeline due to build times and availability.  If you need this service, you must contact us to see if we can meet your request.  Nothing is impossible.

Rejected Shipments
It happens from time to time, we all get rejected.  If your shipment is rejected because of damage, we will do our best to get another shipment out to you asap.  If your shipment is rejected because of some other reason, you will be responsible for the restocking fee and shipping charges even if your order qualified for free shipping.

International Shipments
We will ship to any country.   That being said you must understand that you will be responsible for all import duties, fees and shipping costs associated with your goods.  Residents of Puerto Rico, Canada can place an order online.   For other countries please contact us so we can estimate your shipping costs.   If you need assistance using a freight company we can arrange that for you.

Free Shipping
Free shipping is only available to the lower 48 states.  Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, that's the price you pay for living somewhere awesome.

Privacy & Security

Blind Shipping
If you need to blind ship your order because you're reselling the product, please let us know.  Most orders include packing slips with our information

Invisibility Disclosure
We don't discuss with our vendors and our other customers whom we work with.  However, we plan on using your awesome photos and company name in our promotional stuff.  If you're not okay with that, just let us know.

Protection from the unknown and known, like Russian hackers and Nigerian scam artists.  On this matter we have a few things going for us.  We don't store credit card data and our site meets merchant security parameters, so don't worry, your info is safe.

Returns & Replacements

Qualifying Returns
We do accept returns however this is contingent on the item and the manufacturer.  Build items cannot be returned.  Stock items which are unused and in the original packaging may be returned.  

Restocking Fees
We don't like restocking fees just as much as you do.  However our manufacturers do charge restocking fees because we deal mostly in high value products.  You will subject to a restocking fee if one exist from the manufacturer.  Restocking fees vary and can be quite high.  We do not charge any additional percentage beyond what the manufacturer charges.  In rare cases it can take up to 6 weeks for the manufacturer to refund the purchase.  This may be due to refurbishing or product testing upon return.  If the product is deemed unsellable, the product may not be eligible for a refund and you may choose to have the item shipped to you again at your expense.

Return Shipping
Simple - If your shipment is on it's way back because it's our fault or the manufacturer's fault, we pay the shipping.  If the shipment is being returned because you changed your mind, made a mistake or some other reason, then you pay the shipping.

Refund $
This is a process sometimes, so bear with us.  Once your product has been received, evaluated or tested (or both), and funds have been released to us, your refund will be returned to you less any applicable shipping and restocking charges.  Merchant processors only give 180 days for a refund, so we may need to send you a check.  If you would prefer to hold the refund as credit we can make that happen.  Example - If you feel like you're going nuts because your refund hasn't been released yet and you need the funds to move forward in life or on another project, we sympathize and will do whatever we can to speed up the process.  Please remember to CTFD because it's a process.

Replacements & Exchanges
If you ordered the wrong item, such as you need an E26 base instead of a GU24 base which is a rookie mistake, then you need a replacement.  Unfortunately this may incur a restocking fee.  You will also be responsible for the shipping charges and all funds must be collected before new items will ship.  Additionally your items must be returned before we will ship new items.  
If you need a replacement for a damaged item, please let us know, either through the help desk, our contact forms or by phone and we will pipeline your request.

Ordering and Site Usage

If you got to this page, you likely figured out how to order.  If you're trying to order a quote, you need to log into your account to view and purchase those items at the quoted rate.  

If you need an item customized to your specific project, please let us know and we can add the desired features to the product online.  Features such as fixture painting, custom drill patterns, shields, a/b wiring, mounting configs are just a few available.  We can make it happen to make your project run smoothly

Refusal Of Service
We reserve the right to reject, refuse, and/or deny any order placed through our website.  We ask that if you are ordering for R&D and/or patent infringement or other litigation type situations, that you refrain from ordering and stop using our site.  
This site and the products we sell are intended for honest hardworking people who need lighting and not lawyers and/or researchers.  By agreeing to our terms of service, you are accepting the monetary responsibility for any damages caused to our vendor and customer relationships.  Furthermore if your order is placed using misleading information, such as with personal emails instead of work emails, we reserve the right to publish your name, your company name and personal information for the lighting world to see.  This information is listed on a public site for other web administrators and lighting professionals to view.   Please inquire for a link.
If you're reading this and you feel this is ridiculous as it could never happen, we assure you, it happens far too often.

IP Block
If your IP has been blocked, you should not be reading this.  If you are reading this, you are hereby notified to immediately Cease and Desist using or viewing this site.  Further use of this site is a violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act U.S. Code 1030.  This is a Felony crime.  Using any other computer, device or accomplice is also a violation.  We will seek out penalties, damages and send violators to local authorities.   IP Blocks occur because you are either a competitor, a R&D nut, a lawyer for one of the before mentioned or a patent troll, or are generally a nuisance to the greater societal structure.  
If you're an honest hardworking person, you have nothing to fear because we are honest hardworking individuals as well who don't need to be hassled by those doing bad things.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cashiers checks, and personal and business checks from U.S. customers.  For U.S. and International customers we accept wire transfers and money orders.  

All orders paid for by check will have a waiting period for funds to clear.  International checks will be rejected.  Orders will not ship until funds have been received and cleared our account.  

Terms and Credit
Yes we offer terms or credit.  We generally only offer terms to public entities and large corporations.  Examples are schools, universities, hospitals, local, state and fed governments.  If you or your company needs terms on a large project, you can reach out to us to discuss.  Terms are not guaranteed.  Sometimes in the case of large custom orders we may ask that you pay 50% down as good faith in the project.
Terms will always always be due upon receipt of goods within 1st normal billing cycle.

We do our best to accurately reflect current pricing from manufacturers.  However sometimes raw material cost and market fluctuations cause changes to pricing.  We will do our best to honor any price but in extreme situations we may need to refund your order because of a price increase.  If you're reading this and this happened to you.  We're very sorry. 

Special Pricing and Promotions
It ends when it ends.  Pricing is not guaranteed.  We hope that you'll take advantage of some of our exclusive pricing promotions.  The clock is ticking.

Warranty Issues

Warranty Claims
At some point if you buy enough lights you will have a failure.  The manufacturer warranty is valid from the date of order completion.  We will try to make the process as easy as possible to fix your problem.

How to Proceed Into Our Pipeline
If you purchased online and created an account, then you can use our help desk function within your account, or send a contact form request.  This is the best way to move forward with a problem.  If you prefer to call or purchased as a guest through our system, a support ticket will be created for you, aka we will pipeline your request.  

All warranty claims include free ground shipping from you to return the defective unit to the manufacturer and from the manufacturer back to you with a replacement.

Labor Charges
All warranties are provided through the manufacturer.  Labor charges to replace, repair, rewire, travel to/from, meal allowances and/or anything else we haven't thought of are not covered.  We realize in some cases this is harsh and we apologize in advance but this is standard operating procedure within the lighting industy.  

Account Information

Your Account
We store your basic information, including name, email, address, phone and order history.  You can create this information by creating an account.  If you checkout as a guest, an account will not be created.  You can change this information at any time by logging in and changing your profile information.
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